• Rachel Lokken

We Finally Have Honeybees Again!

Hello friends!

How are all of you doing?! I hope you’re well!

Spring seems to be flying on by. Summer is just right around the corner and we still have so much to do around here. It seems like we just never have enough time to get everything done on our list.

But, one very exciting thing we got to cross off of our list was picking up our new honeybees! We went into Winter with 5 honeybee colonies and came out with 0.. we lost all of our bees over the winter and it was very disheartening.

So we ended up ordering new bees as soon as we could! This time around, we decided to try the Saskatraz honeybee breed instead of our original Italian honeybees. Saskatraz bees are known for being cold tolerant and are praised for their hygenic habits, which is great for mite control. Once we finally placed the order with Mann Lake Ltd. for our 3 new honeybee colonies, our spirits were high and we were hopeful and ready to bring them home!

Fast forward 3 months later, we made the trek up to Mann Lake Ltd. in Hackensack, Minnesota to pick up our new colonies! And I filmed the whole experience for our YouTube channel.

Check out our video below!

Thanks for watching and following us on our homesteading journey!

Take care,

Rachel Anna