• Rachel Lokken

Our new honeybee colonies are doing great!

Hello friends!

I am just popping on here to give you an update about our new honeybee colonies we acquired in Early May.

They are doing WONDERFUL! :D

We are so happy with how well they seem to be fitting in to their new homes and the surrounding environment. They are bringing in so many local resources!

(check out the picture below to see a frame filled with pollen and nectar.)

Nature is so beautiful!

The 3 queens are also doing an amazing job at laying eggs. Check out the picture below to see a great example of what a brood comb pattern looks like. The consistent pattern of the brood shows us that the queen is doing a great job of laying eggs and is a healthy vibrant queen!

(Brood comb is where the queen lays her eggs. Once the queen has laid an egg, the “nurse” bees of the colony take over and take care of every brood comb cell through its different stages of life before hatching as a bee! How cool is that?!)

We are so happy to have beautiful, healthy bees in our apiary once again.

I also would like to give a very special thank you to Mann Lake for great customer service and providing us with healthy, happy honeybee colonies. If you are looking into getting honeybees I highly recommend Mann Lake LTD. They have so much great information to help you get started on your beekeeping journey!

Until next time!

- Rachel Anna