• Rachel Lokken

Hive Inspection 4/18/20

Notes from our quick inspection yesterday;

The bees are bringing in a lot of pollen.

When we opened the hives we noticed that they are not taking any of the sugar water that we gave them on April 8th, but the west box is somehow finding nectar in the environment, and the east hive still has honey in the top box.

Beautiful looking queen was found in the west hive.

Both hives had a good amount of bee bread, capped brood and larvae. It was hard to see if there was any freshly laid eggs. There was no signs of any drones or any drone brood. The east hive had a bit of spotty brood, but I believe that could be because of all the new baby bees we saw. They may have just emerged from their cells.

We only checked the top boxes on both hives, and there was a lot of bees up top, so we suspect there might not be many of them in the bottom 2 boxes at the moment. We also spotted a little bit of mold, but have since learned that it's very normal to see in winterized colonies. It will not effect the bees one bit. They will clean it up and dispose of it soon.

Within the next few days we plan on removing all of their winter insulation and feeding them more pollen patties. We ordered 2 queens so we can our split our hives and grow our colonies this year! Woo! Exciting things!

It's been very fun getting back out to our apiary and working with our bees. Something I definitely missed all winter. If you would like to follow our beekeeping journey, subscribe to my blog by signing up with your email below. Thanks for following along!